18 East 41st Street, New York, NY

Facade Restoration

Facade Restoration and Historic Preservation

18 East 41st street is a 22-story high terra cotta clad, masonry structure that was constructed in 1923. This highly ornate building contained vertical cracking in the terra cotta and masonry backup caused from the lack of expansion joint as well as the lack of required separation of the steel structure. Hard pointing mortar and poor workmanship has caused many edges of the terra cotta to spall.

Diaz Architects was in charge of preparing a restoration design that included the rebuilding of the cracked building corners with glazed terra cotta replica and back up masonry. Reconstruction of terra cotta and back masonry consisted of separation from the steal and the introduction of expansion joints. Additionally, the introduction of expansion joints were installed. Relieving angles were installed on each floor to support the new terra cotta and brick backup. New stainless steel anchors welded to the existing steel column and ties were also installed to transfer loads back to the structure. Jahn terra cotta patching and soft mortar joints were utilized to assure tight mortar bond that would absorb the expansive forces of the terra cotta when wet. The building was also cleaned with a light chemical and water method.