About Us

The Company

Diaz Architects is a full service architectural firm committed to the restoration of the building envelope of various construction assemblies and vintages.

Our extensive knowledge of symptoms, causes and extents of building material deterioration provides a valuable service to long term solutions that are cost effective.  Our adherence to a methodical approach consists of reviewing existing original documentation and performing close up investigation from probes.  This procedure enables Diaz Architects to understand the structure and its present condition and is the catalyst to developing solutions that treat the cause of the problem and not the symptoms. This approach has cultivated custom design solutions for various components of the exterior envelope restoration including:

  • Façade Restoration
  • Roof Replacement
  • Parking Garage Restoration
  • Historic Preservation
  • Sidewalk/Vault Restoration
  • Plaza Redesign


Dom Diaz, President, AIA

Dom Diaz attended New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he received a Bachelor’s in Architecture.  For the past 27 years, Dom has worked in the building envelope restoration field of architecture in New York City and established his own firm in 2005.

Dom’s interest in building envelope restoration comes from the unique challenges of each building construction, especially in a city as diverse as New York with buildings ranging from 1800’s historical and highly ornate structures to modern curtain wall structures.  He finds the forensic investigation of each structure to be the most interesting.  Once the cause of the exterior deterioration is determined, he is able to explore different material and incorporate emerging technologies that would complement the structure.  Mr. Diaz is also concerned with the environment and devoted time to learning about sustainable building design.


The DA Team

The Diaz Architects’ team is comprised of professionals with a wide range of experience and knowledge in building envelope restoration.  Our team of architects has been involved in multiple phases of the renovation process from investigation, researching, designing solutions, preparation of construction drawings and specifications, bidding and construction administration services.  Most importantly, our senior level managers possess, on average, 30 years of experience in building envelope restoration.  Their leadership during the forensic portion of project allows the firm to address issues related to the sensitivity of various building materials and construction assembly while educating our junior level staff of probable causes of deterioration.